AMERX® Bordered Foam Dressing - 1 x 1

AMERX® Bordered Foam Dressing - 1 x 1
Brand: AMERX Health Care Corp
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Amerx Bordered Foam Dressings are breathable, non-adhesive, highly absorbent polyurethane foam dressings to manage moderate to heavy wound exudate.  The adhesive border helps secure the dressing in place and provides a barrier to outside contaminants.  Soft, conformable pads are ideal for use under compression.

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  • High Performance Polyurethane Foam
  • Breathable, Self-adhesive Border
  • Waterproof Barrier
  • Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex
  • Single Use Only
  • Sterile Until Open  

INDICATIONS: For use as a primary dressing over moderate to heavy exudating, chronic and acute wounds.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dressing size should extend a minimum of ½” inch beyond the wound border. Cleanse the wound with sterile saline solution. Remove dressing from the package and remove one side of the white liner. Place dressing directly over the wound and surrounding skin without tension. Remove second half of the white liner. Carefully smooth the edge of the dressing to ensure proper contact with surrounding skin.

FREQUENCY OF DRESSING CHANGES: Change the dressing as indicated by the amount of drainage.